One Printer, For All Size

From miniature to 11″Figure


Integrating Industrial Level 3D Print Into Your Studio

Wiper System

For each print layer, the wiper system maintains always the smoothest surfaces  and refill resins for print area, astonishing result especially for large print.

Milkshake3D Slicer App

Powerful 3D Slicer

Fine Parts, Great Details

On All Size Printing

Have you ever tried…

FDM Printer

Poor Stability, Rough Quality, Long Printing Time

Bottom Up Printer

Model falling down, Crack when peeling



The Highest Stability

Out of gravity and strong peeling force from bottom up printers, no worry for model falling down or break apart during print.

With Milkshake3D top down printing, the print will always dips steadily.


28 Rooks

150um, Z Thickness 0.05, in~5hrs

With DLP technology, printing time depends on model’s height.
The taller the model, the longer time to be done. 
With our exclusively large build platform, batch print as many items as you like all at once.

Laser VS DLP

Laser based (SLA)

Laser beam across the print area, solidifying resin as it goes along. 

For multiple objects, longer print time.

Projector based (DLP)

Project images of each sliced layer.

For multiple objects, same print time.

User Friendly Web Control

Anytime, Anywhere on all OS and mobile devices. No installation.

Milkshake3D is more like a printing hub.
Everyone sharing the same wi-fi can easily upload, control or access printing status.

Support multi-users controlling at the same time.