• Print Size

    XY 50um: 96mm X 54mm X 160mm
    XY 100um: 192mm X 108mm X 160mm
    XY 150um: 288mm X 162mm X 160mm

  • Machine Size and Weight

    Size: 420mm(L) X 380mm(D) X 840mm(H)
    Net Weight: 42 KG

  • Technical Supports

    We have online technical supports, guides and troubleshooting handbooks to help identifying the issue and replace parts.

    For local technical support, please contact our distributors.

  • Projector lamp based or LED based?

    Lamp based.

  • Projector's bulb lifetime?

    Around 4000 hours.

  • Which Glycerin do you use?

    We use industrial plant glycerin 99%.

  • Web Control

  • How to access my printer from PC?

    There are few ways:

    1. From your browser (Chrome, Firebox, Safari), type in “milkshake/”
    2. From Milkshake Slicer App, under Connection, search and double click on the shown name.
    3. From your browser (Chrome, Firebox, Safari), type in the printer’s IP

  • Do I need to install app in order to control Milkshake from my mobile?

    No, Milkshake is a web based control printer.

    You can type in the IP address of your printer on any mobile devices’ browser to get access.

    You may also first use your PC to access the web page, scan the QR code with your mobile devices to get direct link.

  • Wifi or Lan Cable?

    Milkshake is a stand alone wifi printer, you may also use Lan Cable in weak wifi signal location.

  • What happens if my wifi broke during printing?

    It’s fine.

    Once started printing, Milkshake will not be affected if your wifi broke. It will keep on printing, just you may not be able to access the web page for latest print info.

  • Resin

  • Top down + large print = Lots of reins needed?

    Indeed, we have a large resin tank.

    Two options:

    A. Full tank of 14L Resin
    B. 1.5L Resin + 12.5L glycerin as filling

  • Can I use thrid-party resin?

    Milkshake3D is compatiable with other DLP resins.

    As resins all have different properties and curing time, for some slow curing resin may not well fit for large XY 150um print. You may modify and save custom presets.

  • After Print

  • What is Post Curing?

    To fully cure any residue resin on the print surface and harden the model.

  • How to Post Cure?

    There are few options:

    1. Use a UV lightbox
    2. Put your model under sun

  • How to Clean Prints?

    You may clean the print with alcohol (Recommend 99% alcohol for best cleanse).

    For details cleaning procedure, please refer our blog post and guide:

  • Shipping & Warranty

  • International Shipping

    We ship everywhere on earth.

    Please contact us to get quote for shipping cost to your country.

  • Warranty

    One year hardware warranty(excl. Projetor bulb). If any parts defected, send back to us and we will ship a new parts. (excl. Shipping and tax)